It all begins with the words…

Writers Direct Group is committed to providing highly effective corporate communications, through the written or spoken word. Nothing happens in the world of business until someone says something. That’s right; it all begins with the words.

Sadly, words that are truly unique, persuasive and inspiring aren’t found much in modern business communications. Why? It takes a certain skill to craft a message that touches the recipient. It’s not like typing, which almost anybody can do. It’s more like art, which takes a combination of experience and talent.

We believe the right message should “fit” the audience, in the same way a fine craftsman painstakingly creates a musical instrument from ordinary pieces of wood. When that “fit” is right, it leaves the audience feeling they’ve been reached on the most level of playing fields: neither talked down to, nor bombarded with dry “techno babble” and jargon. Regardless of the industry or professional status of the audience you want to reach, they’re people first-—and they respond to people who communicate with them personally and individually, presenting an appropriate and compelling message.

Writers Direct Group can be your experienced, versatile and professional outsource writing resource. For over twenty-five years, our freelance writing team has played a vital role in helping clients get their messages across, clearly and persuasively—-as well as on time and on budget.

Here are some of the reasons previous clients have turned to us:

• When they’ve never tackled a project like this
• When they’re faced with a seemingly impossible
• When somebody dropped the ball, even as the deadline
  was approaching.
• When the project unexpectedly fell on their desk
  and-capable as they are—they just didn’t feel they
  could do it fast enough, creatively enough or give
  it enough attention.
• When they hired another writer who just couldn’t
  get his (or her) head around their industry, the
  technology, the “lingo” and acronyms, or simply
  didn’t understand their product, their service
  or their customers.

We’ve worked with many clients who found themselves in situations like these, worried an important project wouldn’t be completed, because it seemed everything had already gone wrong.

That’s why they refer to us as lifesavers (and sometimes “career savers”), because we’ve been able to step in quickly, grasp the problem and the objective: to use the power of words to motivate, illustrate or compel your target audience to take action.

We’ve developed scores of successful and effective techniques to deliver the right message to the right audience, while producing the right impression, across a broad range of industries, from (yes, really) automakers to zoos. We’ve worked with small companies you’ve probably never heard of, as well as Fortune 500 corporations that are household names. In addition to our work in business marketing, we’ve also created award-winning programs for utilities, museums and theme parks in five countries.

Making the message hit home:

You’ve seen two styles of communication before: one message left you feeling whatever was said didn’t really “say” anything, and another that kept you in rapt attention, feeling the message was reaching you in some individual way. You might even have found yourself leaning forward as you listened, ready to bolt into action if asked, because the message didn’t just reach your ears, it reached your emotions.

This is the benchmark we strive for: clear and compelling communication that speaks to your target audience. And we’d welcome the opportunity to show you how we can harness the power of language to deliver your most important messages. Where might you need that kind of persuasive communication?

Here are some of the assignments we’ve handled for our clients:

• Website Content
• Blogs
• Articles for Industry/Trade Publications
• Advertising/Marketing Copywriting
• Creative Consultation
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Book Proposals
• Ghostwriting
   (books, articles, editorials, blogs, etc)
• Case Histories
• Company Newsletters
• Press Releases
• Direct Mail Packages (lead generating/direct sales)
• Sales Letters
• Customer Surveys/Feedback Forms
• Audio-Visual (i.e. PowerPoint) Scripting & Design
• Trade Show Presentation Scripting (and concept
  development/design services)
• Creative Approaches for New Product Launches
• Training Videos
• Sales/Staff Communications
• Executive Speeches (and coaching)
• Sales Meetings and Events (theme development
  and scripting)
• Theme Park Entertainment & Attractions (development
  and scripting)
• Curriculum support materials for corporate
  education sponsors

The single thread weaving through all these assignments is a message that cuts through the clutter and noise, communicates effectively, and reaches the target audience in a memorable way.