It’s not about us; it’s about the customer…

When the customer (our client) is happy, we’re happy. And we won’t be happy unless-—and until-—they’re completely satisfied. Discover how happy these clients were when we completed our assignments for them:

“When we were planning our Dealers’ Meeting, we’d decided to get all of our Product Specialists to participate. To prepare them to face a room full of ‘Big Box Store’ buyers—-and several prominently placed cameras-—you met with each of them, well in advance. Somehow, you were able to absorb each of their personal communications styles.

Your speechwriting for all of our sales execs (and the company president, as well) never felt ‘canned.’ Each presentation ‘fit’ the personality of that speaker, and you even made our ‘Toastmaster Drop-Outs’ come across (almost) as capable as the best speaker on our executive team.

Oh, and how you started on a Monday and were conversant about this industry’s technical terms (and our own product specs) by Wednesday morning, I’ll never understand. But it demonstrated a rare level of professionalism on the part of a freelancer, and immediately instilled confidence in every member of the project team. Let’s do it again for next year’s meeting.”
VP of Sales & Marketing

“Everything about the marketing materials for Disney’s newest theme park, Tokyo DisneySea, bears your imprimatur, Dave. Your creativity shines from the words on the pages, to the design of the pages themselves… even the theme that ran through the whole project. Simply put, you oversaw the creation of one of the most innovative Sponsor Presentation Books that’s ever come out of Imagineering.”
Show Producer, Sponsor Relations
Walt Disney Imagineering

“For someone who doesn’t know our industry inside and out, you sure picked up everything you needed to know right from the start! I can’t imagine how you manage to do that for all the different types of companies you work with, but that-—and the caliber of the copywriting you developed for us-—impressed us immediately. We’re looking forward to our next project with you.
Director of IT
The SpaceConnection

“Thank you for the opportunity to work with a professional. Our presentations at Windows World/Comdex in Chicago were a success!

In the past, as you know, we used our sales force to give in-booth demonstrations; and while they are product knowledgeable, they don’t have the talent or ‘know-how’ to draw in the crowds. And, boy, did we have crowds this time! This allowed the sales people to do what they do best: close deals.

I was also pleased you took the initiative to work directly with our Product Marketing Managers to develop the script. I wasn’t sure, at first, why you wanted to (in your words) ‘drill a little deeper.’ But I quickly understood your reasons when I saw the seemingly effortless way you translated our ‘techs and specs’ and acronym-laden language to tell our story in a style that reached everyone, from neophytes to our largest customers.

On a purely self-interested level, you made my job easier, which was appreciated. And you did what you said you’d do, when you said you’d do it, and did it all outstandingly well. That, my friend, made me look good to those I report to, and there’s nothing better than that!
Trade Show Specialist
Sage Software

“Get2Chip’s participation in this year’s Design Automation Conference was an absolute home run. As such, I extend my sincere thanks to you, for Writers Direct Group contributed greatly to our successful showing.

The presentation you created was wonderful, and presented perfectly. The result: nearly every show was done to a ‘Standing Room Only’ audience. Your on-site staff worked very hard and all were quite engaging. They put in extra hours helping us in our demo suite. They performed quite well in learning the jargon of the EDA world, and were proactive in meeting and greeting visitors to the booth. All were a pleasure to work with.

Get2Chip’s executive staff is very pleased with you, your creativity, and your dedication to seeing we were as successful as possible in all aspects of our exhibit. Thank you so very much for your efforts on our behalf. I look forward to the time when we can work together again.”
Marketing Specialist

Over the past several years, emarketed has been extremely fortunate to work with Dave Egan as a writer for our website development business’s clients. I’ve literally lost track of the number of projects he’s written for us, but I know it’s well over 100.

Time after time, Dave’s come up with fresh, original and compelling writing-—even when working on projects in the same industry dozens of times. Our clients have been more than satisfied with every project, so much so that 95% of the time, they’ve requested absolutely no re-writes! He listens intently in the original interview, gets the information he needs quickly, and uses his background in both retail and business-to-business sales to make our clients’ messages hit home.

Dave is one of the most talented writers I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and he understands marketing like no other writer I’ve ever seen! After we saw the results he’d achieved for our clients, we asked Dave to re-write our website, create new landing pages, design postcard marketing campaigns, and write special reports, as well as our company’s brochure and other marketing materials.

I highly recommend Dave for any form of marketing-related writing.
Web Marketing Specialist

The words you write have an “aliveness” to them. They jump off the page and connect with the reader. Thanks for a website and brochure-—and all the advice that came along with them-—that perfectly position my company!
Body Energizers