It’s all about experience…

Dave Egan, Head Writer
After nearly twenty years as Senior Producer with Creative Visuals (an innovative trade show/live event production company based in Glendale, CA), and a stint as a Walt Disney Company “Imagineer,” creating the sponsorship marketing materials for Tokyo DisneySea, Dave got a call from a former client: could he develop their next trade show presentation…in a hurry? Having worked together many times in the past, the client knew Dave had a knack for creative approaches that cut through the clutter and noise (both visible and audible) on the trade show floor.

Soon, the same client began coming to Dave with other freelance writing projects: website content, blogging, newsletters, sales meetings, product launches-—even executive speeches. That single client was responsible for the “third act” of Dave’s career: launching Writers Direct Group as the source for virtually anything in writing that creatively communicated with other businesses, their customers, and even government agencies.

Dave has been a popular speaker on the subject of using creative approaches to generate effective marketing. As a faculty member with the Exhibitor Show, he has presented his highly rated half-day workshop, “How to Develop and Evaluate Trade Show Presentations and Demonstrations: The P.I.C.S. Idea Creation System,” numerous times. He also authored a follow-up book for that presentation, “Imaginetics ™: How To Use Breakthrough Creative Thinking To Conceive And Carry Out A Dynamic Trade Show Marketing Plan,” which has been well-received by exhibitors from companies large and small.

Since 1999, Writers Direct Group has garnered a dedicated clientele by providing a wide array of powerful written word solutions. Today, Writers Direct Group functions as a full-service corporate communications provider, developing persuasive approaches for online marketing, B2B (business to business) and customer communications, for companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries. To discuss your needs or a specific project, please contact Dave Egan at 877-7GET-WDG [877-743-8934], or

So, who makes up the “group” in Writers Direct Group? Dave has gathered together an alliance of the finest and most talented freelancers in all areas of production-—just one of the advantages of being located in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. From graphic designers to web designers, to presenters and the technical wizards who make a presentation successful, Dave’s Rolodex is filled with people who can assist when projects involve more than writing or scripting (such as designing a new website, creating a live trade show presentation or staging a sales meeting). That’s what makes Writers Direct Group your one-stop outsourcing resource.

And by bringing in additional talent or technical support only when the project requires it, Writers Direct Group keeps its overhead low, so you don’t pay large agency or production company fees.

Let Dave know what you have in mind, and watch him assemble the ideal team to make your project an absolute success that gets results and, in the process, makes you look great.